Study Club

CA $1,110.00

  • Knowledge gaining sessions by Industry leaders
  • Opportunity for your profile building
  • 30 CE points with a certificate.
  • Clinical Training, Shadowing and Observership


Simpli Boards, in association with Dental Shield presenting a dynamic educational platform designed to empower dental professionals with CE courses.

Study Club

This initiative create a vibrant community for dentists, hygienists, and students who are looking to get extra CE points and build their profile along the way.

Through interactive webinars, workshops, and study resources, Study Club fosters continuous learning, clinical excellence, and professional growth. Members gain access to cutting-edge insights, case studies, and best practices, all while enjoying a supportive network of like-minded peers. With Study Club, dentistry professionals can sharpen their skills, stay updated on industry trends, and advance their careers in a collaborative, engaging environment, reaffirming their commitment to quality patient care.

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