INBDE Advance Plus Premium


CA $1,040.00

  • Simpli Notes: 250+ Hours Study Material
  • Lecture Videos
  • Simpli Lecture: 100+ Hours Live Lectures
  • Simpli Tests: 8,000+ Question Bank
  • Elite Mock Test: 500 Question Mock Test
  • Mentor Connect: 1-on-1 Discuss With Your Mentors
  • Duration: 6 months or exam date (whichever is earlier)


Simpli Board’s INBDE Exam Prep package, “Advance Plus Premium,” offers the pinnacle of resources for dental students gearing up for the INBDE (Integrated National Board Dental Examination). This all-encompassing package comprises six vital components:

  1. Simpli Notes: Comprehensive study materials meticulously crafted to cover the full spectrum of INBDE topics, facilitating in-depth comprehension.
  2. Simpli Lectures: Engaging video lectures by top-notch instructors, providing profound insights and explanations to bolster understanding.
  3. Lecture Videos: A library of recorded lectures for convenient on-demand learning and revision.
  4. Simpli Tests: An extensive question bank and quizzes for self-assessment, pinpointing areas needing improvement.
  5. Elite Mock Test: A full-length, authentic mock exam mirroring the actual INBDE format, allowing candidates to acclimate to test conditions.
  6. Mentor Connect: Access to seasoned mentors offering personalized guidance and study strategies.

With Advance Plus Premium, Simpli Board ensures that dental students have the ultimate arsenal to excel in their INBDE preparations, ensuring confidence and success on exam day.

Note:The applicable period will be a maximum of 6 months from the date of issuance or until the date of the examination, whichever comes earlier. Extend your subscription easily with applicable fees.