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Simpli Boards is an aspirant-friendly platform where experienced mentors and advisory committees members assist participants to ace the Dental Examinations and introduce them to the updated North American Practice Guidelines.

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Anjan Kumar
Anjan Kumar
1 December 2023
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The most ethical and authentic coaching forum for Dental Licensure exams. The entire team ,in specific Dr.Pradhan genuinely cares for each and every student enrolled in simpli boards and makes sure they are comfortable as well as up to date with their preparation. Wanted to post this review as a gratitude to the entire team and hope they continue this exceptional work.
fabi lora
fabi lora
1 December 2023
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I recently took the INBDE exam, and I'm happy to say that I passed! This is just one step in my incredible journey, but it feels like a significant accomplishment. It wasn't an easy task, considering I had been out of the field for many years and had a full-time job and a family to take care of, including a toddler and a 5-month-old baby. However, I believe that anyone out there can achieve it too. A friend recommended the Simpli Boards INBDE course to me after she took it and also passed. The course provided comprehensive and up-to-date content in a structured and organized manner. The Zoom class were very helpful to keep you focused on the goal. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field, and their teaching methods were engaging and effective. They were able to break down complex concepts into easily understandable modules, which greatly helped me in understanding and retaining the material for the test day. One aspect that stood out to me was the emphasis on practice and application. The course provided ample opportunities for hands-on practice throughout many exams and interactive on zoom sessions. This not only helped me track my progress but also boosted my confidence in tackling the actual exam. The question on the test was very similar to the ones discussed on class. The study materials provided were top-notch. They were well-structured, covering all the essential topics and incorporating relevant examples and case studies. The course also offered additional resources such as study guides and online support, which proved to be invaluable in my preparation. Another highlight of the course was the personalized attention and support. The instructors were always available to answer questions and provide clarification whenever needed. They genuinely cared about the success of each student and went above and beyond to ensure we had the necessary tools and guidance to excel in the exam. Overall, I highly recommend SimpliBoards INBDE courses. It not only equipped me with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam but also instilled confidence in me. The quality of instruction, comprehensive study materials, and personalized support make it an excellent choice for anyone preparing for the INBDE exam.
Pooja Bhinde
Pooja Bhinde
30 November 2023
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Best mentors, best teachers anyone can come across in their journey. I would highly recommend joining Simpli boards to make things “Simple” for yourself!
Laura G. Diaz Ramiro
Laura G. Diaz Ramiro
30 November 2023
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Best learning experience for Dental Board exam. Amazing lectures and great mentors that will make easy this this important journey.
Sonia Borja
Sonia Borja
27 November 2023
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I only have words of gratitude and admiration🌟 for you doctors as professionals and mentors. Dr. Sujit Pradhan ⭐️ & to Dr. Arun Garg for his dedication, interest, guidance, great help and for being participants in triumphs and dreams come true in this country. Thank you for sharing not only the concept of passing an exam like the dental board (INBDE), but for sharing all your knowledge as professionals without limitations to make better professionals in this country. Their courses have great value and provide the necessary support that any student would like to have, which contains simple, updated, complete and precise study material. Thank you for your concern and providing reinforcements with the extra classes that you give us at no extra cost, for always being present to clarify doubts, and for giving us the ease of quick communication with you in any situation. Thank you very much for all the encouragement and help. God bless you 🙏
Sally Emad
Sally Emad
24 November 2023
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Guidance and support and great, great on point tips ; is a formal kind of way of putting it but wholeheartedly I really appreciate the the team effort of Simpliboards family, the care and the integrity of individual’s mentoring which really focuses on your weak points and nonetheless provides you with all good materials and prep needed for your exam!
Srushti Shah
Srushti Shah
20 November 2023
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One of the best mentors i ever have. Their guidance and advice makes it very easy to achieve any goals. Always there for us. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to them. The entire team is there for us. I highly-highly recommend everyone to join us. They are not only help us for INBDE exam but they helps us to make a good doctor.
dr. shrikant patel
dr. shrikant patel
19 November 2023
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Best learning platform for inbde exam. The lectures are the best and makes u learn very easily and notes are very good and to the point…..
Mohamed ELrayah
Mohamed ELrayah
18 November 2023
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it’s been a long journey and i made it through , the hard work finally paid off I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Sujit Pradhan and to Dr. Arun Garg and for #AdminRachna & for the whole Simpli Boards team , for your patience and understanding. To Dr. Sujit Pradhan ✨& to Dr. Arun Garg ✨ Your dedication to your students is truly admirable, and I am grateful for all the extra time and effort you put in to help us succeed Thank you for being a truly outstanding teachers . Your passion for teaching and your dedication to your students is obvious in everything you do. Your willingness to go the extra mile to ensure I understood the lessons has been invaluable. Your passion for teaching is evident in every lesson, and I admire the way you genuinely care for your students And of course Your ability to make complex concepts simple has made a lasting impact on my academic journey Thank you for making learning fun and engaging. Your creative teaching methods and constant encouragement have inspired us to reach for our dreams. We appreciate all the time and effort you invest in our education." Thank you Simpli Boards ✨🎉✨

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​Simpli Boards mentors has fulfilled my dream I was seeing from last 8 years. Thank you for all the support and teaching!.

Dr Giselle Pinerio
Dr. Giselle Pinerio

I am very happy to announce that I passed! I want to thank the Simpli Boards team and their mentors Dr Sujit.

Dr Fadwa Haroun
​Dr. Fadwa Haroun

​Exam was tough, but I was trained enough to face them with confidence by Mentors of Simpli Boards..

Dr Manpreet Kaur
​Dr. Manpreet Kaur

​I passed the INBDE exam on the first attempt!Big thanks to Simpli Boards and their mentors. Their Course material, Live lectures, Vital.

Dr Neha Sidhu
​Dr. Neha Sidhu

​Thank you so much Simpli Boards for all the lectures and guidance! Truly appreciate all the support Dr Sujit Pradhan & Dr.

Dr Pooja Bhinde
​Dr. Nirali Patel

​It is a pass for me and I cannot thank enough the Simpli Boards and their mentors. They will always be a.

Dr Pooja Bhinde
​Dr. Pooja Bhinde

​I would have never been able to succeed if it wasn’t for Simpli Boards and their mentors. Honestly this is the best.

Dr Rayan Taha
​Dr. Rayan Taha

​I pass the INBDE!!!! Thank you to Simpli Boards’ classes which are so good. Thank you for all the guidance, support and.

Dr Erandi Vega
​Dr. Erandi Vega

​I passed my INBDE and it is all because of Dr Sujit Pradhan and Dr Arun Garg!I really can’t thank them enough,.

Dr Surabhi Chhabra
​Dr. Surabhi Chhabra
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