INBDE Advance Plus


CA $780.00

  • Simpli Notes: 250+ Hours Study Material
  • Simpli Lecture: 100+ Hours Live Lectures
  • Simpli Tests: 7,000+ Question Bank
  • Elite Mock Test: 500 Question Mock Test
  • Mentor Connect: 1-on-1 Discuss With Your Mentors
  • Duration: 6 months or exam date (whichever is earlier)


Simpli Board’s INBDE Exam Prep package, “Advance Plus,” is the ultimate resource for dental students preparing for the INBDE (Integrated National Board Dental Examination). This comprehensive package encompasses five crucial components:

  1. Simpli Notes: Detailed study materials meticulously curated to cover all INBDE topics, facilitating a deeper understanding of essential concepts.
  2. Simpli Lectures: Engaging video lectures by expert instructors that offer in-depth insights and explanations to enhance comprehension.
  3. Simpli Tests: A vast repository of practice questions and quizzes for self-assessment, helping candidates identify and address weak areas.
  4. Elite Mock Test: A full-length, realistic mock exam mirroring the actual INBDE format, enabling candidates to acclimate to the test environment.
  5. Mentor Connect: Access to experienced mentors who provide guidance, answer queries, and offer personalized study strategies.

With Advance Plus, Simpli Board ensures that dental students are thoroughly prepared and confident for success on their INBDE journey.

Don’t want to miss you lectures ever?

Then choose our Advance Plus Premium Course with video feature adding just US $250 more!

Note:The applicable period will be a maximum of 6 months from the date of issuance or until the date of the examination, whichever comes earlier. Extend your subscription easily with applicable fees.

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