DYK, The Average INBDE passing percentage in America is just 60.6%*?

Whereas, in Simpli Boards, 99% of our aspirants Cleared INBDE in their First Attempt.

At Simpli Boards, we’re more than an educational platform – we’re a partner in your journey towards dental excellence. Our focus is on redefining the learning experience for dentists, offering well-researched programs, and providing industry-recognized mentors to support your growth.


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* Based on JCNDE Technical Report 2022 for non-accredited dental graduates.

Simpli Boards

Experience the difference

Easy, comprehensive, effective. Your pathway to success in dental board exams. Simplify your success.

Our Vision

To redefine dental education and empower aspiring dentists to achieve excellence in the American and Canadian healthcare systems.

Our Mission

We provide accessible, high-quality programs that cater to the unique needs of international dentists. Through expert guidance and well-structured courses, we make the journey towards dental practice in America a seamless and rewarding one.

The Founder

Meet The Man Behind The Mission

Dr. Sujit Pradhan, the visionary founder of Simpli Boards, revolutionizes dental examination preparation. With unparalleled expertise and a passion for education, Dr. Pradhan empowers aspiring dentists worldwide. His dedication to excellence and innovative approach make Simpli Boards the ultimate platform for mastering dental exams.


Dr. Sujit Pradhan

Founder & Mentor

Dr. Sujit Pradhan is a distinguished dental educator and entrepreneur, renowned for his expertise in preparing dental professionals for success in the US and Canadian Dental Board Exams. With qualifications in both dentistry (BDS) and Masters Business administration (MBA), Dr. Pradhan brings a unique blend of clinical knowledge and strategic acumen to his role.

As the Founder and Director of Simpli Boards, a trademarked dental education company based in Canada and one of North America’s premier dental education institutes, Dr. Pradhan has played a pivotal role in mentoring over 2200 dental professionals hailing from more than 26 different countries. His innovative teaching methodologies and comprehensive approach have enabled countless individuals to achieve their goals of clearing these rigorous examinations.

Dr. Pradhan’s expertise extends beyond mentoring, as he himself has successfully cleared numerous exams including the INBDE, AFK, ADAT, ACJ, SJ, to name a few. His firsthand experience with these exams further enhances his ability to guide and prepare aspiring dental professionals effectively.

A proud alumnus of the First Dental College of South East Asia- RADC, Kolkata, Dr. Pradhan’s commitment to excellence and passion for education have solidified his reputation as a leader in the field of dental education. Through Simpli Boards, he continues to inspire, educate, and empower aspiring dental professionals to reach new heights in their careers.

Our team

Meet Our Mentors

Our team of experienced mentors is the cornerstone of Simpli Boards. With their vast expertise and dedication, they guide you through the challenges of exams, applications, and interviews. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered by the best in the field.
Dr Neda Gholami

Dr. Neda Gholami

DDS, Oral Medicine Specialist

Dr. Sonia

BDS MDS (Prostho)


Dr. Anand Bhalodi

BDS, MDS, DDS (2025)

Dr. Tarun Nanda

BDS, MDS (Perio)


Dr. Arun Garg

BDS, MDS (Maxillofacial Prosthodontics & Implantologist)

Dr Khalil Lion

Dr. Khalil Lion

DDS, MPH Orthodontic Resident (New Jersey, USA)

Dr Teris Mathew

Dr. Teris Mathew

BDS, MDS, Pediatric Resident - UBC

Dr. Sumit Sharma

BDS, PG Dip.

Dr. Jyoti Dhingra


Dr. Harman Kaur

Admin (Content Creation)

Why Us

We Offer A Unique Exam Preparation Solution Globally

online learning

One Of The Best Learning Platform

One Of The Best Learning Platform

The premier learning platform, offering unparalleled resources, personalized guidance, and innovative techniques. Elevate your learning journey with us and achieve excellence effortlessly.

Mentors Connect

Mentors Connect

Revolutionizing learning. Gain direct access to experienced mentors, personalized guidance, and comprehensive resources. Unlock your full potential and excel with confidence.
online learning

Advanced Simpli-Notes®

Advanced Simpli-Notes®

Your key to effective learning. Condensed, comprehensive study notes designed to streamline understanding, retention, and success. Elevate your INBDE prep today.

Comparative Performance Analysis

Comparative Performance Analysis

Uncover your strengths and areas for improvement. Detailed insights, personalized feedback, and data-driven strategies to optimize your INBDE preparation journey.

Interactive Live Lectures

Interactive Live Lectures

Engage deeply with expert-led sessions. Real-time interaction, doubt resolution, and dynamic discussions to enhance understanding and boost your INBDE readiness.

Enroll Now

Enroll Now

Enroll with ease on Simpli Boards. Access top-tier INBDE prep, advanced resources, and personalized support for a successful learning journey.
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Meet Our Advisors

Simpli Boards’ Advisory Committee comprises experts in dental education, providing invaluable guidance to enhance INBDE preparation strategies and ensure students’ success.

Dr Nesrine Mostafa

Dr. Nesrine Mostafa

BDS, MSc, MSc/Dip Pros, PhD, FRCD(C), Clinical Associate Professor (UBC)

Dr Sanjivan Mahara

Dr. Sanjivan Mahara



Dr. Himanshu Kishnani

BDS, M.Sc. (Cardiff)

Meet Our Operations Team

Simpli Boards’ Operations Team meticulously manages platform logistics, content delivery, and student support, ensuring a seamless and effective INBDE preparation experience.

Sam Biral

Sam Biral

Marketing Head

Rachna Krishna

Rachna Krishna

Client Coordinator

Rajendra Karki

Rajendra Karki

Accounts Head


Asif Zaman

IT Head