My Ten Months Success Journey from INBDE to CAAPID to Dental School Acceptance.



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In the intricate tapestry of life, threads of love and education often weave a compelling narrative. My personal journey led me to the United States, initially in pursuit of love and the promise of education.

Little did I know that destiny had meticulously crafted a transformative experience for me—one that would be marked by unexpected twists and the introduction of Simpli Boards.

Leaving my home country, India, and arriving on American soil for the purpose of marriage, I found myself engulfed in a sea of new experiences and a vibrant culture. Eager to embrace the opportunities that lay ahead, I had no inkling that this chapter of my life would soon be defined by an unforeseen turn of fate and my acceptance into dental school. Determined to pursue dentistry in the US, I began searching for resources to help me, being entirely naive at the time.


Yes, in the beginning, it was all overwhelming, and it’s okay to feel lost in this vast country. I am grateful that my friends, who were great advocates for Simpli Boards, introduced me to this supportive community. As I spent more time with them, the clouds that surrounded my dreams began to dissipate. Each interaction became a stepping stone, guiding me through the labyrinth of uncertainties and paving the way for newfound clarity. The camaraderie within this community not only helped me navigate the challenges but also transformed my initial sense of being lost into a profound sense of being found.


Embarking on my master’s program in Health Administration (MHA) at St. John’s marked the commencement of my journey with Simpli Boards for the Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE). From the inaugural lecture, I found myself captivated by the platform’s interactive format, seamlessly facilitating questions and clarifications. The meticulously crafted Simpli notes, Core Test, Critical Live Tests, Vital tests, and the concluding Mastermind series surpassed all expectations. Notably, the success of the INBDE mock tests stands as a testament to the team’s unwavering dedication, undoubtedly contributing to the platform’s remarkable high pass percentage.

A standout feature of Simpli Boards’ INBDE programs lies in their flexibility, catering perfectly to individuals juggling work and study commitments. Balancing a job while advancing my studies, the program empowered me to learn at my own pace. I particularly appreciate the accessibility of mentors through email or call, facilitating the clearing of doubts. The opportunity to connect with them over the phone, even a mere day before my exam, showcases the platform’s commitment to personalized support. Simpli Boards emerged as an indispensable guide, offering me a unique perspective on dentistry through the lens of the INBDE.

In contrast to platforms that may not prioritize student-friendly approaches, coercing participation in unwanted activities for business agendas, Simpli Boards stands leagues apart. Consistently motivating and guiding aspirants in the right direction, the mentors exemplify excellence. Even the Facebook quizzes proved to be highly informative. Simpli Boards laid a robust foundation for my aspirations in dentistry, serving as a cornerstone in my educational journey with a team that exudes professionalism in every sense.

The Vital Test is Truly Vital!

Every week following the lectures, we were tasked with the Vital test, a challenging examination that initially instilled a sense of trepidation in me and I was very scared of it.

However, it proved to be a transformative experience, acting as a catalyst in refining my understanding of fundamental concepts. I wholeheartedly recommend every aspirant to take on this intellectual challenge, as it plays a pivotal role in cultivating robust foundational knowledge. The Vital test is undeniably crucial, not only for the INBDE but for any Board Exam. It stands as a game-changer, propelling individuals towards a deeper comprehension of the subject matter and setting the stage for success.


Amidst my intensive INBDE preparation, an invaluable opportunity presented itself through a Free Webinar at Simpli Boards. Dr. Pradhan and Dr. Romesh from the University of Michigan provided expert guidance on navigating the CAAPID (Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists) cycle, steering us away from common pitfalls.

Motivated by their insights, I resolved to follow their recommendations. As an internal candidate, I availed an additional discount for Simpli Boards’ Admission Assist Program, Simpli Admission Assist (SAA), and promptly registered.

Within four months of joining Simpli Boards, I triumphed over the INBDE exam, armed with newfound confidence and knowledge. With my sights set on success, I diligently worked on building my profile, crafting a compelling CV, and shaping a persuasive Statement of Purpose (SOP) from the outset. Recognizing the SOP’s pivotal role in narrating one’s story and showcasing dedication to dentistry, I recommend starting early. The Simpli team provided an honest review of my SOP, ensuring that the document encapsulated the most crucial aspects of my personal journey.

Dr. Pradhan’s unwavering support was constant, even during odd hours, emphasizing Simpli Boards’ commitment to its aspirants. The Simpli Admission Assist (SAA) team meticulously reviewed my supplemental applications, yielding tremendous outcomes. Trusting in destiny’s plan, I submitted my application confidently, a decision made possible by having all my documents ready beforehand.

Enrolling in the Interview Prep program, I discovered a friendly and supportive team, including Dr. Anand, Dr. Harases, and others. Sharing interview recordings for later evaluations proved instrumental in refining my skills. Dr. Pradhan’s special sessions, providing insights into various programs, including the Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry added a personalized touch to my preparation. Despite the playful tease that I would end up far from home in New York, I reassured them that I was ‘okay’ with the prospect of traveling (lol).

Supplemental Application Matters?

Yes indeed. It is one of the most important college specific Q & A’s so that you should not take it lightly. Rather for some colleges it is the most important document after SOP.


Contrary to the prevailing notion that securing a spot in dental school often requires enduring two or three application cycles, my journey unfolds with a different narrative. Against all odds, the acceptance letter arrived, shattering the belief that success is always a prolonged endeavor. To my astonishment, it was the Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific offering me a place in their International Dental Studies program.

This unexpected turn of events affirmed my faith in the unseen forces that intricately guide our lives. Destiny, it seemed, intervened at the eleventh hour, orchestrating a path toward a future in dentistry that had once existed solely within the realm of my dreams. I take pride in the fact that I made the right decision at the right time, and the acceptance from Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry is a testament to that.

From the very beginning of my journey, positive vibes and unwavering support emanated from everyone at Simpli Boards. This affirmation and encouragement played a pivotal role, creating an atmosphere where success wasn’t just hoped for but confidently anticipated. 

The journey may have been swift, but each step was marked by determination, resilience, and the undeniable support from a community that believes in the potential of every aspiring dentist.

Navigating the Interview Intensity!

The interview was nothing short of intense! The nerves were palpable, heightened by the realization that everyone else in the room seemed to be brilliant and more experienced than me. The weight of the competition loomed large, yet amidst the nervous energy, a quiet confidence resonated within me. To my surprise, the interview extended beyond the expected duration, stretching for more than 20 minutes. In those moments, I felt a glimmer of hope, a subtle indication that perhaps I had made a lasting impression. The intensity of the experience, although daunting, left me with a sense of accomplishment and the belief that even in a room of brilliance, my unique qualities had found their voice.


From my arrival in the USA, initially bound by marriage, to the eventual acceptance into dental school, my journey echoes the twists and turns that life unfurls.

The secret lies in starting everything on time and seeking the right guidance. The intertwining threads of Simpli Boards, education, and destiny have intricately sculpted my narrative, emphasizing the profound truth that the most remarkable chapters of our lives unfold when we least anticipate them.

For those currently navigating their unique journeys or standing at the threshold of a new beginning, let my story be an inspiration. With dedication and under the right guidance, pursue your dreams tirelessly. Embrace the uncharted paths, for within them lies the potential to discover the most fulfilling destinations.

May the echoes of my journey resonate as a reminder that even in life’s unexpected terrain, there is a space for triumph and fulfillment.

P.S. This is not a paid promotion. Every comment about Simpli Boards reflects my genuine experiences. I wrote this blog to express my gratitude to the Simpli Boards team and to inspire you all!


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