Virtual Bench Test Prep


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  • Duration: 2 weeks OR 4 weeks
  • Theory Lecture + Theory (Notes through  learning platform):
    • Class 2 Cavity Prep for Amalgam
    • PFM crown/Zirconia Crown
    • Class 3 and 4 Cavity
    • RPD Design
    • Radiographic Interpretation and description
    • Endo Access
    • Treatment Planning
  • Live Demo:
    • Class 2 Cavity Prep for Amalgam
    •  PFM crown
    • Zirconia Crown
    • Class 3 /4
    • Wax carving
  • Work check twice a week: 30 minutes through zoom
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Simpli Board’s “Simpli Admission Assist” package, the “Virtual Bench Test Prep,” is a comprehensive four-week program designed to equip dental students with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success. It encompasses a range of critical components, including theory lectures with accompanying notes, hands-on practice in various dental procedures such as class 2 cavity prep for amalgam, PFM crown, and zirconia crown, as well as class 3 and 4 cavity work, RPD design, endo access, radiographic interpretation, and treatment planning. Live demonstrations further enhance understanding, while regular work checks via Zoom ensure continuous improvement. This program is a vital resource for aspiring dental professionals, preparing them thoroughly for their academic journey.

Duration: 2 week (5 online session + 2 week online access) OR 4 Week Online (10 Sessions + 4 week online access)

Note: Classes start 5th of every months

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2 Weeks, 4 Weeks

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