Simpli Admission Assist


CA $910.00

  • Resume Analysis / Editing
  • SOP Re-writing
  • One Supplemental Application
  • 3 LOR
  • Profile Based School Shortlisting


Simpli Board’s “Simpli Admission Assist” service addresses the common struggle that successful INBDE aspirants encounter in securing seats at their desired colleges. Recognizing that mere document editing falls short, we offer a comprehensive solution. Through our CAAPID/Pass application process and expert guidance, we empower dental aspirants to navigate the complexities of the admission process effectively. Our commitment lies in thorough preparation for the next CAAPID/PASS cycle, ensuring that students are well-prepared and competitive in their pursuit of coveted college admissions. Simpli Board is dedicated to facilitating a smoother transition from exam success to fulfilling academic aspirations in dental education.